Little Junior Can't Understand

Little Junior Parker - Can't Understand

mp3: Little Junior Parker - Can't Understand

In 1953, sweet voiced Herman "Little Junior" Parker went to record at Duke Records in Houston. Over a short period, he had already recorded for Modern and Sun in Memphis. Parker was joined by Bill Johnson's Blue Flames, which included Johnson himself on piano and Pat Hare on guitar. Hare provides the backbone of Can't Understand, a repetitive rhythm that's hard to disassociate from the sound of a (mystery) train. This was around the same time that Hare recorded his own distorted version of I'm Gonna Murder My Baby, something he infamously actually did sometime later.


Slow Draggin' with Sister Cookie

Here's a recording of Sister Cookie playing steamy 45s at the last Slow Drag Blues Dance. She'll be back doing the same again (but different) with me this Saturday night in The Bamboo Lounge below Fontaine's cocktail bar in Stoke Newington. Come get close with someone you fancy to sexy sounds like these.

Ella Fitzgerald - Love Me Or Leave Me
Eartha Kitt - Take My Love
LaVern Baker & Jimmy Ricks - You're The Boss
Cleo Laine - Let’s Slip Away
The Chantels - Still
Ray Charles - Let's Go Get Stoned
The Supremes - Who’s Lovin’ You
Carla and Rufus - Deep Down Inside
Mary Wells - Please Forgive Me
Gene Chandler - Duke Of Earl
The Pearlettes - Duchess Of Earl
B.B. King - Help The Poor


More Slow Drag action - May 2nd

The Slow Drag Blues Dance - May 2nd, 2015 - Fonatine's

The Slow Drag Blues Dance brings the sultry atmosphere of a humid New Orleans night back to a Stoke Newington Art Deco cocktail bar on May 2nd. This night gives you the chance to get close with someone you fancy to dance, sway and if the mood takes you, grind away to feverish mid-century rhythms - steamy blues, smoky jazz, sexy soul and sleazy rock’n’roll. Like last time, the night starts with a Blues Dance class from London Swing Dance Society, then me and Sister Cookie will spin slowish rhythmic dancers till late.


Little Bitty Pretty Grunt

The Fifty Milers - The Grunt The Fifty Milers - Little Bitty Pretty One

mp3: The Fifty Milers - The Grunt
mp3: The Fifty Milers - Little Bitty Pretty One

Here are two sax-driven dirty-sounding instrumentals from The Fifty Milers, a group I can't find out anything about. Both sides were produced by Bobby Day, who wrote Little Bitty Pretty One; the writing credit is under his birth name, Robert Byrd. The Grunt was written by guitarist Adolph Jacobs, one time member of The Coasters. You possibly know it already from the salacious Las Vegas Grind compilation series. Like Day, Jacobs recorded for Class Records in the late 1950s. Today's offering is Eva Records catalogue number 101, which is likely to have been the label's first release. The only other Eva release I can find is 103, Dennis Weaver's Chicken Mash. That one came out in 1963, so I guess The Grunt wouldn't have been too far ahead of it.

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Something For You, Baby

Mary B - Something For You, Baby

mp3: Mary "B" - Something For You, Baby

Rhythm & blues with a whole lot of soul is what we get from Mary "B" on this 1962 scorcher. Something For You, Baby was written by Mary Banks, whose life details seem to have somewhat faded into obscurity. It was released on Fling Records, a label run by Bobby Robinson who also ran Fire, Fury, Enjoy and others. Banks released one more record for Robinson on Enjoy, but that's about all I can find out about her. What a voice though, just listen, and great Marshall Sehorn production too. I'll be spinning this in and out for a long long time.

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Radioville with Mr A

For this radio show, I was joined in the NTS studio by Mr A The Barber, host of the You Got Good Taste podcast, Weirdsville nights and Hipsville '60s weekender. We chat about all that and I play a bunch of records which I thought would fit. You can catch me DJing alongside a bunch of great bands Mr A has booked at Weirdsville this Saturday and again at Hipsville next month.


Little Willie John Hurt Me

Little Willie John - You Hurt Me

mp3: Little Willie John - You Hurt Me

You Hurt Me is a simply incredible soul ballad from Little Willie John. His vocals on this tale of heartbreak will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand tall. It was released in 1960 as the b-side to Walk Slow. How a tune like this ends up on the flip is beyond me - although I have seen an advert in a Billboard magazine from the time describing it as a 'double-play disk'. Like all of LWJ's singles, this was released in the US by King Records out of Cincinnati, but mine's a Canadian pressing on Delta.

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