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The Terrifics - Loco The Terrifics - Real Smooth

The Terrifics - Loco
The Terrifics - Real Smooth

It is not a regular occurrence that I dig a song so much and need to own it so immediately that I accidentally buy two copies within days, but that's what happened with today's offering. After hearing Loco on a compilation titled Infamous Instro-Monsters of Rock'n'Roll Volume 2, I knew that I had to at least try and track it down. Unfortunately, more often than not, that urge doesn't result in me getting my grubby vinyl-loving hands on the single in question. It's usually either too obscure or too expensive, or was never released on 45. However, this time round, I was in luck, twice. The title of the compilation probably goes someway to explaining the general sound of The Terrifics' Loco. Yes, it's drum heavy and sax laden. Real Smooth is a bit slower and sleazier. Both sides were written by Eddie Cochran associate, Ray Stanley, and the record was released on Valor in 1958.

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