Trollin' with Boots Brown and His Blockbusters

Boots Brown - Trollin' Boots Brown - Jim Twangy

Boots Brown - Trollin'
Boots Brown - Jim Twangy

Boots Brown is the pseudonym of Shorty Rogers, a hip West Coast trumpeter, composer and arranger from back in the day. Like many other jazz players of then and now, he looked down on pop music as being simply for the simple minded masses. In the 1950s, rock'n'roll was pop music. That's apparently why Rogers didn't record today's offerings under the name he was best known by. Incidentally, Milton Rajonsky is the name he was born with. His band, The Blockbusters, also featured some known jazz cats. Rogers had been playing as Boots Brown since the early '50s, but it was in 1958 he achieved chart success with a track called Cerveza. Like so many other instrumentals of the time, Cerveza was clearly inspired by Tequila. Trollin' was released in '59 and also bears an obvious similarity to The Champs' mega-hit. Jim Twangy draws on another giant of the instrumentals for inspiration, Duane Eddy.

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