Let The Four Winds Blow

Fats Domino - Let The Four Winds Blow

Fats Domino - Let The Four Winds Blow

After mentioning New Orleans legend Fats Domino in the previous post, I figured it was about time to offer up some of his own fine work. Let The Four Winds Blow is a fave DJ spin of mine. Its opening was sampled in 1997 by American indie rock group Eels on their top ten UK hit, Novocaine For The Soul. This might have something to do with the instant reaction today's selection gets when I play it for certain crowds. Then again, it might not. Domino wrote Let The Four Winds Blow along with producer Dave Bartholomew, but it was Roy Brown who released it first in 1957. Domino's version came out four years later and I much prefer it.

The phrase 'let the four winds blow' intrigues me. It's not part of my vernacular, so I started looking into it -- an endeavor that found me lost in a cavalcade of websites about religion. It refers to a part of the bible called Revelation. The expression 'the four winds', like 'the four corners of earth', is based on the idea that our world is flat and square (or rectangular, I suppose). These winds, which are evil, are currently being held back by four angels. At some point, quite soon according to most sources, the angels will stop saving us; the winds will blow and there will be trouble. However, I don't think Domino's use of this phrase is intended to be quite so serious. Not when the rest of the lyrics concern him having a crush on a girl. More likely, it's an expression of willingly adopting a devil may care attitude. Because of how he feels about this girl, nothing else matters. He's in love. I'm with Fats, bring it on, let the four winds blow!

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