Big rhythms, big blues, big bess and a big boss all make up Utopia. It's a mix that mainly consists of recently acquired records. Several so new that I haven't even had the chance to test them on unsuspecting dancefloors. Revellers beware, here are the sounds coming to a club near you!

mp3: Utopia

Jimmy Reed - Shame Shame Shame
Boots Brown - Block Buster
Sandy Nelson - Caravan
Cozy Cole - Big Boss
Louis Jordan - Big Bess
The Terrifics - Loco
The Gladiolas - Little Darlin'
Jerry Green - Puerto Rico
Donald Woods - Man From Utopia
Lloyd Lambert - King Cotton
Ray Charles - Heartbreaker
Howlin' Wolf - You'll Be Mine
Elmore James - Cry For Me Baby
Lillian Offitt - Miss You So
Baby Boy Jennings - Goin Home
Sammy Cotton - Nobody
J.C. Davis - Sweet Sweet Love


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