Slauson shuffling with The Larks

The Larks - The Slauson Shuffle

The Larks - The Slauson Shuffle

The Larks were the evolution of a group that went by various names, but Don Julian and The Meadowlarks basically sums them up. Their biggest hit came in 1955 with the doo-wopper Heaven And Paradise. By 1965, The Larks were concentrating on dance craze songs. The Slauson Shuffle is a guitar led instrumental, not really what one would expect from a Los Angeles based vocal group. It's the flipside to Mickey's East Coast Jerk, which was a follow-up to The Jerk, their hit from the previous year. Slauson refers to Slauson Avenue, a major road in LA. This is actually a rockin' instrumental version of a dance craze attempt they made a few years prior.

Money Records was founded by John Dolphin, the same guy who started Cash Records. It's clear to see where Dolphin's priorities lay through his choice of label names. By this time though, Money was run by the widowed Ruth Dolphin. John was shot dead at his desk by a disgruntled royalties-seeking songwriter in '58.

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