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Singles Of Significance

In this post, I provide an overview of Diddy Wah's social media and introduce some wild vinyl sharing YouTube sites I'm now linking to.

Aside from the buttons already found just to the right of this post if you're viewing it on my blog -- that's Facebook, Twitter and Mixcloud primarily, but you can also find me on the Hype Machine, Spotify and NTS radio and then there's the RSS feed which has a subscribe-via-email option -- I'm now also a member of the Instagram fraternity. I can't promise to be the most frequent photo uploader and my snaps aren't anywhere near the prettiest, but I recently completed an A-Z of record labels and have shared several company sleeves with aspirational slogans (such as the one above) that may be of interest to 45rpm vinyl fetishists among others.

It was mentioned at the time, but it bears repeating that I had to turn off the comments function of this blog for technical reasons that were too boring to explain then and are still too boring to go into. However, feedback of all kinds is welcomed and encouraged, so if you want to get in touch, there are lots of options as to how.

On the topic of social media, I can't neglect to mention that the Heavy Sugar club night I co-run is also well represented with Tumblr, Flickr, Vimeo, Mixcloud, Facebook and Twitter profiles. Connect with Heavy Sugar to hear recordings from past gigs, find out details about future gigs and more.

Now for the YouTube news. YouTube started not long after Diddy Wah and, it's fair to say, has been mildly more successful. There's many dedicated folk with amazing collections of rare records on there who regularly do something similar to what I do with this blog and share their musical discoveries online. My favourties include: Action Patrick, Carlos Rene, Cicodelico, Fonsoul, Frankie Bundle, Jam Up Twist, Juan Carlos Martin, Liam Large, Osaka Twist And Shout and Sophisticated Savage.

There must be many more high-quality channels out there. If you know any that would comfortably sit alongside the ones I've mentioned above, do let me know. Same goes for my blogroll, which I try to spruce up every now and again.


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