It got to the point recently, because I’d acquired so many killer new 45s, that I realised the drip, drip method of sharing them as single file vinyl rips through this blog wasn’t going to be enough. There was a backlog developing and it dawned on me that even though it had only been two months since the last one, it was time to embark on another mix making project. The result of that endeavour is Blop-Up, 50 minutes of rockin’ blues bliss. Several of these records took some chasing to find, others found me. Almost all have joined my collection this year, so this is the sound you’ll hear me playing out and about for the next little while. Hope it blows your mind like it does mine. Enjoy!

mp3: Blop-Up

The Majestics – The Boss Walk Pt.1
Frankie Ford – Saturday Night Fish Fry
Cozy Cole – Blop-Up
John Lee Hooker – She’s Mine
The Strangers – Hill Stomp
Bo Diddley – Bring It To Jerome
Jimmy Nolen – Wipe Your Tears
Bobby December – Invasion
Link Wray – The Black Widow
Tarheel Slim – Number 9 Train
Billy Boy – Rockin’ Itis
David Dean’s Combo – Double Freeze
Jesse Stone – The Rocket
Guitar Gable – Congo Mombo
John Greer – Come Back Maybelline
Dave Hamilton – Beatle Walk
Percy Mayfield – You Don’t Exist No More
Little Johnny Taylor – Somewhere Down The Line
Jeanette (Baby) Washington – Move On
Louis Jordan – Run Joe
The Rhythm Kings – Exotic


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