Little Darlin' I Miss You So

Lillian Offitt - Miss You So The Gladiolas - Little Darlin'

Lillian Offitt - Miss You So
The Gladiolas - Little Darlin'

These two 45s already featured on my most recent Utopia mix, but I thought I'd offer them here in single-file mp3 format as well. And, since they were both released on Nashville's Excello Records, it's neat to post them as a pair.

Miss You So, from 1957, was Lillian Offitt's first hit. It's a beguiling tune with solid blues guitar licks and fantastically eery vocals. Offitt moved to Chicago the following year and found more success singing with Earl Hooker. But it didn't last long, so she retired from music to start a family.

The original pressing of Little Darlin' by The Gladiolas was on the same orange label as Miss You So. My arrow-label copy is the second issue. The label describes it as Calypso, but Little Darlin' has a decidedly clave rhythm. Judging by the catalogue numbers, Little Darlin' was released by Excello just three records prior to Miss You So. I wrote a bit about it when I posted The Diamonds version last year. The most notable point being that it was written and sung by Maurice Williams, before he and The Zodiacs had a huge smash with Stay.


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