Heavy Sugar vs. A-Wamba Buluba Club

Hipsville 2015

Feels like a long time between Heavy Sugar club nights, but have no fear, we’re back at it in Dalston this Friday May 22nd. Joining us for a night of demented-jive-party madness, direct from Barcelona, will be DJ Turista Bang Bang. Turista runs a weekly rock’n’roll dance club in the Catalan capital called A Wamba Buluba Club and also takes his records to clubs throughout Europe. Heavy Sugar resident spinners (that's Fritz and me) will team up against the Spanish invader in a Mexican wrestling style 45rpm showdown to the death. All the details are here, hope to see you there.


Rockabilly Radio

I've gone all out Rockabilly on this installment of the Diddy Wah radio saga. In an attempt to save my post-Hipsville croaky voice, I brought in a big pile of fast rockin' 45s and got through twenty-one of them in less than an hour.


Night Rider

Dick Dale - Night Rider

mp3: Dick Dale - Night Rider

I post a lot of instrumental songs that have the surf guitar sound, but what we have here is the source of that sound. It doesn't get any purer than Dick Dale and Night Rider is one of his most exciting tunes. Dick Dale records are about the loudest I've heard; energy bursts out of the speakers as the needle glides through the spinning groove. Released on Capitol in 1963, Night Rider was the flip of The Wedge, also a great surf classic, but Night Rider is just breathtaking. If you're a fan of Misirlou, you need to hear this.

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Hava Israeli Twist

The J-Walkers - Israeli Twist

mp3: The J-Walkers - Israeli Twist

Israeli Twist is a neat studio-band take on the Hebrew folk song, Hava Nagila. It's got that exotic surf sound which was popular in 1962 and is perennially popular in my DJ sets. This isn't the first time I've posted a version of Hava Nagila and I've got a few more in my collection still. I can't tell you much about The J-Walkers, except that they seem to be the creation of Jackie Walker, a singer in vocal group The Baysiders from California.

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The Slow Drag

I gathered this slow and moody selection together with the Blues Dancers who come to my Slow Drag Blues Dance club night in mind. Blues with more than a hint of jazz, or vice versa. This is a mix to pop on when you’re busy getting close with someone (or close to getting busy with someone, ha). If you dig it, go ahead and share, especially with those who do the Blues Dance.

Kid Ory - St. James Infirmary
John Lee Hooker - A New Leaf
Sunnyland Slim - I’m Prison Bound
Earl King - Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
Oliver Sain - Eastside Blues
Hadda Brooks Trio - That’s My Desire
Jack Dupree And Mr Bear - Walking The Blues
George Jenkins - Last Call
Johnny Otis - One Nighter Blues
Ray Charles - I Believe To My Soul
Percy Mayfield - You Don’t Exist No More
Lloyd Lambert - Heavy Sugar
Hank Ballard - Have Mercy, Have A Little Pity
James Brown - I Can’t Help It (I Just Do-Do-Do)
The Individuals - Heartbreak Hotel
Bill Doggett - Blue Largo


Hipsville Weekender

Hipsville 2015

Coming up this weekend is the Hipsville weekender - maybe you heard me chatting with the organiser on my last radio show. Held just south of London, this is a party I've been looking forward to for a long time. The theme this year is Horror-A-Go-Go and as well as bands, DJs, go-go girls and gorillas, there's a car show, vintage market and Tiki bar - everything you need for a wild weekend. I'll be spinning terrifying tunes alongside Fritz as Heavy Sugar DJs on Saturday night in the main room, and at some point in the Tiki bar. Tickets are still available, hope to see you there!


Let's Kiss And Make Up

The Falcons - Let's Kiss And Make Up

mp3: The Falcons - Let's Kiss And Make Up

I see a similar pattern in many of the vocal groups I read about. Someone gets drafted and is replaced and then someone else leaves and is replaced, as time goes on the group is made up of a whole new cast of characters. Reminds me of the story of the bloke who's owned the same axe for twenty-odd years, having only replaced the handle twice and the head three times. It was 1963 when Let's Kiss And Make Up was released and The Falcons had been around for eight years already. The Motor City group included the Wicked Wilson Pickett singing lead and Sir Mack Rice baritone. Neither Eddie Floyd or Joe Stubbs were members at this time. Along with Pickett's trademark raspy vocals, the standout sound on Let's Kiss And Make Up is the tremelo-laden guitar of Robert Ward. He played in a band called The Ohio Untouchables, who often backed The Falcons and later became the Ohio Players of '70s funk fame.

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